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Meet Al


My goal is to help you move through the world with greater ease and comfort. To help you access your body’s greatest potential, regardless of what stage you are at in life. 


My focus is to create balance and harmony in your body and give you a solid structural foundation from which you can thrive. 

"I had a great experience being Rolfed by Al. I found the focus and gentle intensity of Rolfing to make a big difference in a short amount of time. There was one session I stood up and felt like I had a totally different body. I had an ongoing pain for years and on my first day with Al, I found relief. Al is gentle, caring and intuitive. I'm addicted for life."

Barry Jay of Barry's Boot Camp - Los Angeles




Whatever your profession, passion or age - Rolfing Structural Integration offers you a proven pathway to greatly enhanced physical mobility, vitality and balance. The goal of Rolfing bodywork is to evoke highly integrated and efficient ways of moving that enable your body to remain effortlessly balanced in gravity. 

"Triathalon training is insane. The pain and body stress are unbelievable. Nothing helped until I discovered Al Fielder and Rolfing. His knowledge of the body and muscle structure is amazing. I can now run, swim and bike pain free. But nothing compares to what I feel is his genuine concern for me. Al will always be a part of my athletic career."

Anthony Barton - Winner of the Los Angeles Triathlon

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