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"As someone born with scoliosis, my entire life I have lived with pain. I've had endless massages and all kinds of bodywork. They never quite did the job. 

About a year ago while on a holiday a friend insisted I try Rolfing. OMG what a difference. The pain was gone, truly! I returned to Los Angeles in search of a Rolfer. A friend told me about Al Fielder. 

I made an appointment with Al and have seen him regularly since. I can't wait to return. My body craves Al's magic touch. 5 stars for Al.

The pain is gone and has stayed away. 

What a difference in my life. Best of all, Al is a really nice guy who sincerely cares."

Heidi Gregg - retired - Los Angeles, CA

"As a retired dancer, I was invited to once again dance and to choreograph a little over a year ago. In the process of recovering myself, I noted how inflexible and tight this once very flexible and loose body had become, so I turned to Al Fielder upon a friends recomendation. 

Wow - work with Al transcends every treatment I've ever received, transporting the immediate feel good of prior massages to therapeutic and long lasting muscle relief. 

Not only does my entire body feel better than it has in many years, my flexibility has returned and even my posture has improved. 

You'll find Al easy going and respectful. You will find yourself immediately confident that he is an expert at his craft."

Russell Scott - Retired Dancer - Los Angeles, CA

"As a practicing chiropractor for over 25 years, I had developed many chronic aches and pains. Al Fielder has the unique ability to combine theory with heartfelt action to help my pains in a very practical way. He is the best healer I have been to for help. He has empathy and a sincere desire to relieve bodily distress. I recommend him highly."

Jonathan Wilson - Chiropractor - Los Angeles, CA

"I spend much of my day sitting at a desk in front of a computer and I had chronic tightness and pain in my shoulders and upper back. After completing a series of Rolfing sessions with Al, not only has the tightness and pain disappeared completely, but he has helped transform my body so that my posture, both sitting and standing is drastically improved such that I no longer experience those aches and pains. Also, crazy as it may sound, my skin got clearer, my digestion improved and I feel like I'm sitting better while driving. I cannot recommend Al highly enough."

Jamie Kershaw - Lawyer - Los Angeles, CA

"I've been curious about Rolfing for years but was reluctant to try it because I feared pain. I have been doing yoga for 3 years and had become increasingly aware of the "stuck" areas in my body that were holding me back. I took a gamble on Al after a search on the internet. Honestly, I was impressed by the testimonials. Well, now I am joining the list of people who can testify on Al's behalf. His work opened my body up without any pain. His technique is very firm but somehow incredibly gentle at the same time. My yoga practice has improved and my upper back is more open and flexible. I think that most people would benefit from the work that Al does. I cannot recommend him enough."

Barbara Glazer - Writer - Beverly Hills, CA

"The primary benefit of getting Rolfed by Al for me has been better posture, I just carry my body in a more relaxed and aligned way after my sessions with Al. The secondary benefit is that this change has had noticeable influence on my confidence too. It's like an open body translates into more open and real interactions with others. Walking down the street after a session with Al is always suprising to me. It feels like I'm in a new body! I've never had any other form of bodywork or exercise that has had such an immediate and noticeable effect. I would definitely recommend this to a friend, the physical and psychological benefits make it so worth it." 

Nick Rohan - Business Owner - Glendale, CA

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