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What is Rolfing?


Rolfing is form of hands on soft tissue manipulation. The Rolfer uses manual therapy to free your connective tissue. The goal of Rolfing is to align the body in gravity. The Rolfing process enables the body to regain the natural integrity of its form. Dr. Ida P. Rolf Ph.D. developed Rolfing more than 50 years ago. She first called her work "Structual Integration." Dr. Rolf realized that the body is more at ease and functions most effectively when its structure is balanced in gravity. 


How much does a session cost?

The cost of a session is $220.

Sessions are one hour.


Payment is accepted in cash, check, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.


A 24 hour cancelation policy is in effect.

What is a series?

An initial series of Rolfing usually consists of 10 sessions. Ideally sessions are spaced 1or 2 weeks apart. Each session has a different focus and builds on the previous session. As Rolfing progressively reduces structural restrictions, your body becomes aligned and can move with greater ease. It is not unusual for a client to feel improvement with the first session. Continuing on after 10 sessions provides you with an ongoing way to mitigate the damaging effects of stress and to enhance performance in every day life.

Do I have to do the entire 10 sessions?

No, having the ten series is not a required, you can have as many or as few sessions as you'd like. Deciding to do the entire ten series is a different process for everyone. If you are unsure, try one session to see how it feels.

However many sessions you are comfotable with, it is important to remember that Rolfing is a process. Patterns took time to alter your structure and may need time to be worked on. A smaller series of sessions can be designed to get the maximum benefit for you. Some clients with chronic issues choose to extend their Rolfing beyond the ten sessions.

What are the goals of Rolfing?


The main goal is to free you of pain and let you move with ease and grace! Rolfing is dedicated to relieving pain or discomfort by working on the patterns that cause imbalance and to create an aligned body so that pain doesn't return. As a result, posture is improved and greater vitality is accessed. Rolfing seeks to normalize the structure and as the structure is normalized, function will follow. Rolfers are dedicated to the principles of keeping the body aligned, decompressed and functioning at its highest potential. 

What should I wear?

The typical attire for men is Underwear or boxer briefs. For women bra and underwear is fine. Clients can also wear bathing suits or exercise clothing. It is helpful for the Rolfer to see your body and the changes that occur during a session. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in the therapeutic setting. 

Is Rolfing painful?

The goal of Rolfing is to create as much change with as little discomfort as posssible. This is done by working very slowly, listening to you and your body and by keeping what your body is able to process as the most important thing. Change is difficult if your body feels unsafe and is closing up to protect itself. Work and change is done to the degree that you can handle it.

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